When Good People Make Babies

from by !ATTENTION!



It's this loss of hearing that I needed sorted out. Not sounds or frequencies, just the sound advice you’re giving me. And you'll ask, "What do your friends do? Grown up stuff?" Don’t your friends do grown up stuff too?

Some friends are making babies, you know to me that’s crazy. One day you’ll say "let's get a dog!"—Starts me thinking second job. And I assume, that I don't have the patience; another loser grown man, an eighth grade promise made to myself.

I know I'm going crazy trying to keep it sorted out. Now I'm thinking daily “How can I deal with this doubts?”

Someday I'll have to give it up and put it on a shelf. Be a crusty old dude in a faded Gob shirt—In the diaper isle helping myself. But I don't think that's me right now. So instead I'm going to sit sideways, watch the world go by with these four guys on an endless drive.


from S​/​T, released September 1, 2016



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!ATTENTION! Toronto, Ontario

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