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Sometimes I can sit on the front steps for hours and think. Warm breeze rolls over me, enjoy a drink and a long distance call out east. Life swallows us whole; we’ll be fine, you’ll see.

If only I was young again, And I’m running through the backyard yelling. If I could turn back time till then. She’s calling my name out the backdoor. All those things our parents said, and I’ll call back “I’m coming” We’ll mourn our childhoods; procrastinate for the future.

We’re scraping by with small change; saving nickels and dimes. Collecting letters to build a word to describe our aimless cartography. Map a plan and book a flight.

Until the days when our biggest fears won’t hold us back. First we’ll drain the seas and then we’re laying track. Every time I stand still I’m feeling anxious. Calm myself down, frantically flip calendar pages. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m wishing for. Pick an eyelash off your face, blow it away and wish for more. Sometimes I can sit on the front steps.


from S​/​T, released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


!ATTENTION! Toronto, Ontario

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