Demo 2009


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released March 4, 2009

Recorded and Mixed by Nathan Richards and Jim Scarth



all rights reserved


!ATTENTION! Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Hindsight Is 20/20, Foresight Is 50/50
The house is up for sale, we're moving out tomorrow. I find myself here and it feels i'm split in two.

Medicate with sense of humor. Anything to keep the wolves at bay. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. From here on in we'll take it
day by day.

How could you? How could i? What can i do to make it better?

Tell me something honey i am here to listen, to tell you everything will be ok. Everything that's happening now is for a reason and if you have to leave then that's ok.

I’ll figure it out. It's words to live by. What’s done is done. More words to live by.

This is what happens when shit gets turned on its head. This is what happens when your world comes crashing down.
Track Name: Tonight Will Be Like Any Other Night
Waiting. Hey, this will be no different from the last time. Keep it to myself and look away. Time goes by. Today will be like any other day.

And I bide my time and wait.

I'll drink tonight and I'll try and forget you. I'll tell myself, I'll probably regret you. Whatever I can tell myself to make it better. And I know I'm walking home alone tonight.

But hey, I'll stand here by myself tonight and wait. Excuse me can I have another drink? One more and I'll make my way back home.

Tonight I'll wear a hole right in the fucking ground.
Track Name: Look What You Did, You Little Jerk
If I hold my breath till I pass out maybe I can get some sleep. Same old sweater, dirty t-shirt, the holes in my jeans getting bigger. Tie me down with dates and time, always late, last in line. Debt, stress, smoke; it all just clouds my mind.

I'm sorry, I forgot. I'm really busy, probly not. I guess I will if I really want to. If you think you're watered down, well then i'm drowning. If you felt how I was feeling, you wouldn't go out either. Forget those dishes, tonight I’m staying home.
Track Name: Stop Or My Job Will Shoot
Waking up this early is always too hard. Waking up a the crack of dawn. Forget and leave my alarm clock on.

In the bathroom brushing my teeth. Alarm clock blasting to the street. If I miss the train that's ok.

I've worked every day of my entire life. I'll
work every day till I fucking die.

And that's the way it goes. Chalk it up to experience, make mistakes and copper cents. Some hard work might be good for me.

And I spend every sunrise and sunset, in a tunnel under ground, going to or coming from. South west east north, double back in reverse order. Wearing through the soles of my shoes to the sidewalk.

Back and forth. South, west, east, north.

Whether we like it or not, that's the way it goes.
Track Name: Fries With Spice And A Coffee, Please
Every time I cross this bridge, I get the same feeling in my gut. Barreling down the 125, what’s changed? This intersection wasn't here before. Kings road is moving like a slug, too bad the salt trucks didn't come. Did anyone even poster for this show?

Times have changed and I don’t know just how I feel about it anymore. Times have changed and it shows. Faces aren't familiar like before.

These streets don’t feel like they did before. These nights will never be the same. This old steel town, beaten and torn down. Gentrify our youth with a ribbon and a bow. Change these streets that I used to know.
These nights will never be the same.