Another Year


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released October 1, 2011

Recorded by Adam Labadie
Mixed by Mark Dolmont
Mastered by Dave Williams



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!ATTENTION! Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: "Your" is the New "You're"
sum of a list of endangered things: radio static and dial tone, the crackle at the start of a record, the hiss at the end of a mixtape. the first blank page at the start of a book, with written inscriptions in ink, recording songs on answering machines lost in pixilated typeface, the glimmer of a glowing screen. Turn the page. The bindings crack smell four syllables or more, don't compute so well. Dog-eared ideas that I can't even spell. A social hierarchy built on how quick you click, your quote so sick, your curser’s on the pulse and it’s a mile up your ass. The internet's a bloated landfill where language goes to rot and die. We can barely read these days, but we don’t think twice before we click reply to all.
Track Name: When Life Hands You Lemmings
I’ve cut my teeth on fucking up. And I keep lying through them to myself. Like I’m ok, the worlds’ not fucked, and I’m not still in bed. I keep leaping from the nest and failing to fly. It’s not about where you’ve been it’s how you got there. And sometimes in order to take the first step you have to abandon all hope. No regrets, every lesson that I’ve learned I’ve learned the hard way. Fail and fail, time and time again. So brush it off, and chalk it up. Sometimes you’ll realize it’s all you’ve got. Take one step after another, take one breath after another. When handouts get outta hand, the hunger dies, fed by lies. When paid up front by the hand that feeds, dreams made into reality. In time decisions turn to regret
Track Name: Shirts Off, Party On
The days pass and plot behind our backs. Mustering to months and weeks we start to think in decades now. We were just kids...We're still just kids bringing records home to play on our dad's turn tables. But tables turn, I've seen the country since. Mile zero to cape spear. Broken down, in every town, looking forward to every year. To those precious weeks, tall cans, and coolant leaks. Get out boys, you push, I'll steer. One night for the price of two. Fist fight: me verses you. And still, I feel I've wasted so much time. Get in the van! Anywhere I lay my head down I will call my home.
Track Name: Greetings From Dufferin Grove Park
Steamrollers parked overnight again. I guess tomorrow morning I’ll hop wooden planks along the sidewalk. The ruts in the road are threatening to soak, take cover from the rain under buildings. The Corner store’s been robbed 3 times last week, suspicious neighbors stare me down. When I get home! No TP no soap, the shower is leaking again. When I’m at home, at least I’m not alone. Who’s moving out at 3am? I’m waking up again. But I lived there with my friends. You break my bike I’ll stab your bread. Lost the power last night, I’m sleeping in. All the woes of Dufferin street, it’s not where I thought I’d be... At least I lived there with my friends